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Kill Mud and Chemicals, LLC produces high quality weighted Kill and Workover fluids for the Oil and Gas Industry. Only industry standard products are utilized in the formulation of these fluids and are blended in our plant located in Denver City, TX. Kill Mud and Chemicals operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate our customer’s needs. Our plant services the Permian Basin of West Texas including the areas of Midland, Odessa, and Lubbock in Texas, and Hobbs, Carlsbad and Artesia in New Mexico.

It is our policy that before we load fluid into any truck, it must be completely empty of fluid and or dirty solids. This includes all plumbing and belly lines to ensure that no dilution or contamination of KM&C fluid occurs. If there is fluid in the truck prior to loading, then the mud plant operator will send the truck to a disposal facility to empty its contents before any KM&C fluid is loaded into the truck for transport to the well site. Cost for the disposal will be billed to the trucking company. It is recommended that the customer notify the trucking company of this policy before they arrive at the KM&C plant.

Mark Cox
Director, Kill Mud & Chemicals, LLC

Recondition & Buy Back Policies

Recondition Policy:

Weighted Kill Fluid originating from our plant can be reconditioned to the customers specification. Cost for the reconditioning of kill fluid is based on the cost of consumables plus plant operating cost. Contact us for more details on these cost.

Buy Back Credit Policy:

Buy back of used weighted kill fluid originating from our plant will be credited for 50% of the volume returned, at the returned kill weight value.  The buy back credit only applies to KM&C weighted kill fluid. Mud shipped to drilling rigs cannot be returned for credit.  Several conditions must be met for thebuy back credit option. These conditions are listed below.

Returned kill fluid must weigh at least 11.0 ppg or more.  An exception to this criteria will be made when the originally ordered kill weight is less than 11.0 ppg.  In this situation, 10.0 ppg will be the cutoff criteria.

Excessive contamination from downhole fluids such as oil, formation water, cement, frac sand, red bed, gravel, etc., will not be eligible for buy back. Theplant operator will determine if the fluid meets the buy back criteria.

In addition to weighted kill fluid, KM&C offers a variety of workover fluids and additives.  

KM&C Fluid Products

Weighted Kill Fluids:

KM&C weighted kill fluids consist of two basic types, depending on the weight (ppg) required to control and balance the pressure in the well.  These “mud” types are summarized below.  The base fluid to produce these muds begins with 10.0 ppg NaCl bine.  The brine is blended with XCD Polymer (Xanthan gum) in the polymer hydration tank to produce a smooth consistent base fluid prior to adding any weighting agents.  XCD Polymer (high molecular weight xanthan gum biopolymer) acts as a viscosifier, and has superb suspension properties for weighting agents.

Calcium Carbonate Kill Fluid (White Mud)

CaCO3 Utilized as weighting agent when building kill mud from 10.1 ppg up to 14.9 ppg.  We utilize Hubercarb M200 high purity limestone, crushed and pulverized to a -60 mesh particle size.  The carbonate powder is then mixed into the polymerized brine in the mud mixing pit and blended (rolled) until the desired weight of the fluid is obtained.  To ensure the proper fluid weight is maintained, the plant operator will continue to roll the fluid and check the weight until a smooth consistent fluid is obtained before loading the fluid into transport trucks.  At the customer’s request, Viscosity and Yield Point information of the fluid is available. 

Hematite Kill Fluid (Red Mud)

Fe2O3Utilized as weighting agent when building kill mud from 15.0 ppg up to 22.0 ppg.  KM&C utilizes DENSFIL, a high purity hematite ground to a 200 mesh particle size.  The hematite is mixed into the polymerized brine, utilizing the same process of blending as described above.  Viscosity and Yield Point information is available on request.  Note*; at the customer’s request, hematite kill mud can be built up to 24.0 ppg for emergency situations.  Pumping and circulating these dense fluids over 22.0 ppg may be problematic depending on the limitations of the pumping equipment. 

Workover Fluids:

KM&C can build specialty fluids for workover and well intervention operations.  The products available are as follows:

Gel FluidsGel fluids can be built with either a freshwater or brine water base.  KM&C utilizes Drispac® Regular (a Polyanionic cellulose polymer).  KM&C will custom blend the gel fluid to whatever viscosity the customer requires.  Gel fluids of this formulation are utilized to control fluid loss, inhibit swelling clays and shale, and has excellent hole flushing characteristics for removal of cleanout or drilled solids.

Red Bed Gel Freshwater or brine based gel blended with XCD polymer and MF-55® (a Polyacrylamide polymer) which has excellent shale and red bed control properties.  Especially useful in cased-hole wells.  Limits the influx of red bed type sediments into the well when the casing has been compromised.

Lo-Loss Fluid A formulation of freshwater, blended with Guar Bean polymer. Guar Bean polymer is a natural water soluble polysaccharide witch acts to minimize fluid loss which can occur in broken or highly permeable geological formations.  The polymer forms a high viscosity gel which will “plug” excessive permeable zones.  The polymer has the unique property of “breaking” down after approximately 24 hours with minimal insoluble residue left behind.  Lo-Loss is an excellent choice for temporarily limiting fluid loses in producing formations while minimizing formation damage from fluid infiltration.

MF-55 A Polyacrylamide liquid polymer available in 5 gallon pails.  This polymer can be added on the fly to reverse unit pits.  MF-55 provides solids control by encapsulating flocculating solids in the well bore resulting in increased solids removal during cleanout or drilling operations. 

Plug MudMeets Texas Railroad Commission requirements. KM&C plug mud is a blend of 10.0 ppg NaCl brine blended with polyanionic polymer.

Additional Services

Kill Fluid Consultant: At the customer’s request, a well site consultant may be provided.  Duties include calculation of kill weight, calculation of mud volume required, onsite supervision when circulating the kill fluid in and out of the well, and recommendation for actions required if an unexpected kick occurs during the workover process.

Hot Shot Service:  KM&C will, at the customer’s request, deliver MF-55 pails to the workover location.  There is no charge for the delivery if the location is within 20 miles of the KM&C Plant.  If in excess of 20 miles, a $2.00 per mile delivery charge will be added to the order.

Mud Storage Tank: KM&C can provide an onsite storage tank for kill fluid.  Our tanks are fabricated in house and consist of a skid mounted round horizontal 300 bbl tank.  A two inch diameter plastic sight glass tube is attached to the front of the tank for easy volume determination.  Our tanks have a roll line for periodic stirring of the mud.  The horizontal design results in a much improved ability to get all of the fluid out of the tank at the end of the job.  Thus increasing the buy back credit potential and tank clean out cost.


Kill Mud and Chemicals does not currently own or operate any transport or winch trucks.  Therefore, the customer needs to make arrangements for his/her designated trucking company to pick up and return all fluids.  Our mud tanks will require the trucking company to utilize a lo-boy type trailer for transport. 

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